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Back To School - 45 Awesome DIYs To Make Before School Starts


Back to school starts for us on Tuesday and it seems the city is abuzz with all back-to-school related activities from shopping, to picking up last minute lunch ideas, teacher gifts… that’s why I thought, with it being a long weekend, a DIY or two could even fit in! This year especially, there seem to be some really high quality projects for back-to-school and so I thought it would be fitting to share with you here.

45 Awesome DIYs To Make
Before School Starts

1. Eraser Flash Drive - This two-in-one tool is great in both art class and computer class. Plus you can keep would-be thieves away.

2. Felt Pencil Roll - Staying organized is the key to success, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Make an easy, no-sew roll for all your pencils and pens.

3. Corner Page Bookmarks - These quirky bookmark monsters love to devour fine literature almost as much as you do.

4. Embroidered Notebooks - Plain, cardboard notebooks don't express your creative soul -- jazz them up with some colorful embroidery floss instead.

5. Custom-Shaped Paperclips - Boring paperclips aren't your style -- so make them your own. Create a custom shape that is all you

6. Floppy Disk Notebook - Tech geeks will love recycling some old hardware for a unique notebook that is cool enough for school.

7. Make a Chart - Add a little scholastic decor to your study area with this fun DIY project by Anda Corrie for Spoonflower.

8. Get Worldly - A cute learning tool for geography and geometry, this printable globe also looks cute when on display.

9. Spiro a Gift - A cute giftwrap idea with a spirograph theme for those science geeks!

10. Make a Pencil Case - Keep those pencils safe in this cute Bobbit Cat pencil case (sewing pattern).

11. Alphabet Fridge Magnets - Make a set of ABC letter magnets for the fridge that aren't ugly.

12. Washi Tape Phone Chargers - Keep all those cords straight with a super-easy washi tape solution.

13. Word Search Gift Wrap - Gift a back-to-schooler and wrap it with a fun word search wrap. All you need is a printer and a few highlighters!

14. Washi I.D. School Supplies - More washi tape organizing with the idea of keeping everyone's supplies in order by color coding them with washi tape.

15. Foil Lunch Bags - Everyone should have a futuristic lunch bag, don't you think? Love this metallic faux leather fabric. DIY from Love Aesthetic.

16. Ruler Gift Tags - Top a teacher gift with a fun set of ruler gift tags.

17. Printable Lunchbox Notes - Cute little lunchbox notes that you can print out.

18. Wood Crate Homework Station - With school on its way back around again, this clever (and easy on the eyes) homework station does the trick.

19. Revamped Lunch Box - Decoupage a photo to the front and cover the inside with blackboard paint for changeable messages.

20. Book Covers with Plastic Pockets - Get the DIY here.

21. Supply Holder Notebook - Sew elastic onto a notebook to hold essentials.

22. Notebook Lunchbag - Highly customizable to be slightly more or less enthusiastic about the state of lunch.

23. Felt Cutout Pencil Pouch - NO sewing skills required.

24. Piano Hinge Notebook - This one uses colored paper and bamboo skewers.

25. Mini Art Roll - Every child needs this. Every adult needs this

27. Clipboard Makeovers with Washi and Duct Tape

28. Insanely Simple Heart-Shaped Paper Clips.

29. Paper Gel Pens - Use colored paper to brighten up gel pens.

30. Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers - Materials needed: pipe cleaners, scissors, foam stickers, and markers.

31. Cord Organizer.

32. Cork Pencil Holders.

33. Ribbon Bookmarks - An incredibly easy DIY that makes a great back-to-school teacher gift.

34. Apple Pencil Holder.

35. Mason Jar Caddy.

36. Chalkboard Locket Necklace

37. Colorful File Organizer - it’s a rack designed to hold pot and pan lids in your kitchen. Normally, you’ll see file organizers repurposed to hold pot racks, but we tried the opposite. To decorate the rack, they headed to the hardware store to pick up Plasti Dip. Have you ever used it before?

38. Neon Acrylic Desk Caddies - We love the neon acrylic look but can’t really justify shelling out the dough for the fancy products we see online. So what’s a DIY-er to do? Grab a neon Sharpie and simply color the edges of a clear desk organizer.

39. Photo Tote + Pretty Patterned Tote - If you’re not hauling books around, a handy tote should do the trick on the daily. On the left, we’ve created a couple totes using Instagram photos. Simply print your photos on iron-on transfer paper and… iron them on! On the right, we customized totes using fabric paint. Both take under an hour to complete

40. Recycled Soda Bottle Apple Pouches.

41. Die Cut Book Cover: Now it’s time to hit the books. To create a die cut book cover, first you want to print or draw out the shape you want to cut. We used the TODAY show logo, of course. Wrap your book in white paper, then trace the logo onto the paper. Take the wrapping off and cut out your shape. Then wrap up your book!

42. Chalk/Bulletin Board

43. Gift for your teacher

44. Welcome banner - becouse everyone wants to remember their first day at school.

45. Final coutdown - it's time to go to school!

Maybe you try to do something "back to school" projects?
Share your favorite back to school-esque projects with us in the comments below!

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