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Trick to Getting the Easiest Manicure Ever


Summertime is peaking, and we are living in a world where we can tap into our inner ’90s teen selves and get down with the neon accents! With such a bold effect, neon nail polish often can cause a love-it-or-hate-it reaction. But with this sweet French manicure hack, you can guarantee the love all around! It’s a sweet, subtle design, and even the most beginner DIY nail artists can handle this look.


– neon nail polish

– base coat + top coat

– Washi tape

– pointed cotton swabs


1. First paint a base coat on your nails.

2. Cut 1-inch strips of washi tape.

3. Cover all of your nail execpt for the tips with the washi tape — that’s the part that’s going to be painted.


4. Grab your favorite neon colors and paint the tips. I went with a different color on each nail for a playful look.

5. Clean up any polish that you may have gotten on your fingers using the pointed cotton swabs and a little nail polish remover.

6. You want to peel the tape off before the polish dries. If you let the polish dry, the paint may chip off the tips of your nails when you take off the tape.

7. Finish off with a clear top coat.

There you have it! Neon done in an understated way that will still give you that summery pop of color.

Tape is definitely a DIY manicurist’s best friend. Get crazy by placing the tape on at an angle or switching up the colors, OR go bold on your whole nail, then do this French manicure hack in a contrasting color on top of it. The possibilities are endless!

What are you favorite manicure hacks?
Tell me in the comments section below.

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  1. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! <3

  2. Really a nice nail art, dear!

  3. Witaj, bardzo oryginalnie to wygląda :) A co najlepsze, że na krótkich paznokietkach też atrakcyjnie, nie trzeba miec długasnych szponów.