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Back To School - more than 40 Ideas for Backpack


Folks, it’s that time of the year again. That time when you hit the shops to buy a fresh set of school supplies, killer kicks and all the bells and whistles that comes with a new school year. But aren’t you forgetting something? A new backpack, of course! Lucky for you, we packed up 40 DIY backpacks that are ready to hit the hallways.

20 DIY backpack tutorials

1. Drawstring Backpack With Flap by Aggelicat

2. Monster Backpack by What I Made Today

3. Gold Chevron Backpack by Elemental Carbon

4. Child’s Ruffled Backpack by Infarrantly Creative

5. Circle Backpack by The Sewing Rabbit

6. Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants by Noodlehead

7. Nothing But a Hound Dog Backpack by Melly Sews

8. Sports MVP Backpack by Spoonful

9. Domo-Kun Backpack by Instructables

10. Tribal Print Backpack by The Felted Fox

11. Mr. Preppy Backpack by Spoonful

12. Plaid Backpack from Men’s Shirt by A Beautiful Mess

13. Polka Dot Backpack by Hellobee

14. Cinch Backpack by Trash to Couture

15. Rock ‘n Roll Backpack by Spoonful

16. Clear Bag - Go back to the future (school-style) with this awesome clear bag tutorial with copper handles.

17. Notebook Tote - These are easy enough to make with embroidery thread and Sharpies.

18. Customized knapsack - A couple of no-longer-in-use clothing items around your house or from your local thrift shop are all you need to get your customize your bag.

19. Colorful bags - just look for this video!

20. Classy but amazing backpack

extra 20 DIY backpack tutorials

1. Fox Trot & Buzzy Buddy - by Filles à Maman
2. Envelope Backpack - by Handmade Charlotte
3. Owl Tag Along backpack - on Moda Bake Shop
4. Petals Galore backpack tutorial - on UCreate
5. Retro Rucksack tutorial - by gesehen und gesehen werden
6. Back to School backpack tutorial - by Hart & Sew
7. “B” is for backpack tutorial - by that’s my letter
8. Lil Adventurer Backpack - by Peekaboo Pattern Shop
9. Owl Backpack - by The Sewing Loft
10. Animal Backpack - by Cotton and Curls

1. Bustle Backpack - from The Sewing Rabbit
2. Drawstring backpack - by Noodle-head
3. Dawn to Dusk backpack - by ChrisW Designs
4. Jet Pack backpack - by Betz White
5. Cat Backpack - by Hello Beautiful
6. Toddler Backpack - by Made By Rae
7. Backpack restyle - by Sincerely Kinsey
8. Mini Backpack - by Petit a Petit + Family for The Sewing Rabbit
9. Tote to Backpack - by Sincerely Kinsey
10. DIY backpack - by Plan B

Have you tried making you own bag before?
Share your favorite back to school-esque projects with us in the comments below!

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