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20 DIY Nail Art Tutorials for Summer


Hello folks,

The trend of colorful nails isn’t going anywhere, and summer is a great time to accessorize
by way of stripes, stars, and summery nail decals. This time I have 20 inspiring nail art tutorials,
perfect for amping up your summer style. You friends will totally look at your nails and say,
“Nailed it!” :)

20 DIY Nail Art Tutorials for Summer

1. 4th of July Stripes: We’ll kick things off with a super simple tutorial on creating perfectly skinny stripes on your nails.

2. Striped Moon Manicure: We love this take on the half moon – it almost has a glittery seersucker vibe to it.

3. Geometric Diamonds: If you’re ready to delve into the more complicated stuff, start with geometric patterns.

4. Sunrise Gradient with White Polka Dots: This would go just swimmingly with an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

5. Tribal Patterned Nails: How gorgeous is this design? It definitely takes some patience to recreate, but would be awesome for a special occasion.

6. Neon Graffiti Nails: This is a design for your inner wild child!

7. Great Gatsby Nails: Inspired by the recent Gatsby film, these 20s style nails are gorgeously done.

8. Ikat Nail Art: Is Ikat the new chevron? It is seriously all over the place… and we’re digging it! :)

9. Hibiscus Flowers: Channel your inner Hawaiian hula girl with this floral look.

10. Color Block Mosaic: This is sort of like an inverted Mondrian painting. We love the use of color blocking and mosaic together.

11. Stenciled Stars: Featured in our spring nail art edition, this starry design is made using a stencil, painter’s tape, and a star-shaped hole punch. (via Chalkboard Nails)

12. Stars and a Stripe: Add a little sparkle to a basic half moon manicure with silver star decals.

13. Sporty Striped Nails: We think Sporty Spice would approve, don’t you?

14. Blue to Mint Gradient: Go for mermaid loveliness with this aquatic gradient.

15. Green-Dipped Nails: These also have a slightly art deco vibe to them. We love the different levels of “dip.

16. Captain American Nails: This nail art blogger describes her nails as being inspired by Captain America. We’re in!

17. Blue and Pink Dots: More polka dots! These totally make us think of Dippin’ Dots. Remember those?

18. Watermelon Manicure: A summer anything roundup wouldn’t be complete without a nod to watermelon, this time in nail form.

19. Dried Flowers Manicure: This definitely looks like something you’d find in an Anthropologie catalog – actual dried flowers on nails.

20. Beauty and the Beach: Last, this is definitely on the extremely advanced end of the nail art spectrum, but it totally makes us want to go to the beach!

Which of these DIY nails are you ready to test out?
Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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