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Fast DIY: Make a Headband Out of Wire + Fabric Scraps


For those of us who live in 90% humidity, there are summer days when it’s so hot and our hair is so frizzy that the only solution seems to be the top knot. But after a couple days wearing a bun, most of us want a change. So what’s the easiest way to add a new touch to your hairstyle while still fighting that special layer of fuzz? Hair accessories, of course. We’re taking some fabric scraps and showing you how to sew them into a headband you can wear all summer long.
Scroll through for the steps.

Materials :

– fabric
– nylon thread
– wire

Tools :

– pins
– sewing machine
– tailor’s chalk
– fabric scissors

Instructions :

1. Start with a 3 x 21-inch piece of fabric. Fold it in half (so the long sides meet) and be sure that the wrong side (the side you don’t want to show) is facing you.
2. Pin along your long fabric rectangle.
3. Fold your fabric in half once again (see picture below) and use your tailor’s chalk to draw an arch at the edge.
4. Cut along the arch.
5. Then sew your seams together, but leave a little part open so you’ll be able to turn it right-side out.
6. Flip it right-side out and insert your wire.
7. Pin the opening and sew it.

First take your 3 x 21-inch fabric with the “wrong” side facing you and fold it in half. Pin, then fold it again horizontally. Now draw a curve at the end, cut the fabric and sew the seams together. Be sure to leave a little part open for your wire.

Turn your fabric right side out, insert the wire (fold your wire if it isn’t thick enough) and sew the opening. I suggest you use nylon thread so it will be completely transparent :)

And voilà! Your new wire headband is complete!

We’re all about the simplicity of this cute retro look. Perfect for a day date, a ride in a convertible or a walk at the seaside.

What are your fave summer hair accessories?
Tell us in the comments below.

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