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24 Famous Hairstyles and Costumes That Are Instant Halloween Style


Halloween is the perfect time to let out your inner badass, or at least dress up like the badass women you totally wish you could be when you see them kicking butt and taking names in your favorite movies and TV shows or idolize IRL. Whether it’s too-cool characters like Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks, Judy Funnie from Nickelodeon’s Doug and Cookie from Empire or real-life rebels like Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry, these 24 alternative Halloween costumes and hairstyles are made for cool girls only..

12 Famous Comic Book Costumes for Halloween

1. Catwoman: Catwoman (Selina Kyle) is well known for her love/hate relationship with Batman. For a Catwoman costume, a simple, all-black outfit with some ears (you can even paint your mask on) will get the point across just fine!

2. Storm: X-Men‘s weather-controlling Storm is one of the most prominent badass X-(wo)Men out there. She’s had some pretty sweet signature looks throughout the years. The above costume is more of a ’90s recreation rather than the all-black leather bodysuit Halle Berry rocked.

3. Bat Girl: Dun uh nuh BATGIRL! This one makes for an easy and fun costume DIY because you can pretty much slap a batman label on any black outfit and you’ll be GTG. We also suggest a cape though, because capes are awesome. Plus you’ll get to pretend fly all night long.

4. Poison Ivy: Usually an adversary to Batman, Poison Ivy is a DC Comics supervillian with toxic tendencies. She’s usually green, has bright red hair and is covered in poison ivy leaves. Some fake ivy leaves from your local Michaels and a red wig can create the costume in a much safer manner though

5. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman is a DC Comics creation who stands for justice, truth and love and wields an arsenal of weapons, including a throwing tiara and indestructible bracelets. Because of all the pieces, this costume can be a bit more involved than others. The Dia de los Muertos spin on this one is awesome

6. Mystique: Mystique. The most awesome supervillain EVER. This shifting mutant from X-Men is mysterious, badass and beautifully blue. With a whole lotta blue body paint and some crazy contacts, this can be an easy two-step costume — but pants and a shirt are also probably good ideas!

7. Zatana: First appearing in Hawkeye, Zatana is a stage magician who is secretly a real magician. Creating this costume is actually pretty simple with a top hat, white gloves, bowtie, blazer, leotard and fish nets.

8. Elektra: Calling all badass ninjas. Elektra is a kunoichi (female ninja assassin) who first appeared as the love interest of the superhero Daredevil (umm, couple’s costume idea, anyone?) and her signature weapons are a pair of bladed sai. Because of her relatively simple outfit and minimal accessories, this costume is a pretty easy DIY.

9. Black Widow: You probably know Black Widow as Natasha Romanoff (AKA Scarlett Johansson) from the recent Avengers movies. This costume is pretty easy and will be perfect for Halloween. Check out the awesome DIY recreation above for inspiration.

10. Captain America USO Girl: Yes, Captain America is a superhero. Does that mean you can’t be Captain American for Halloween? UM, NO! It’s 2015, people. You can be anything you put your mind to, including a Captain America superheroine. Gender Shmender. Check out the above take for inspo.

11. Rouge Cosplay Costume: Rogue is another X-Men/Avengers crossover character. With her signature swatch of white hair, this ’90s-inspired Rouge costume is incredible. If you don’t want to purchase a pre-made costume, you could recreate this look with a yellow v-neck tee over a long-sleeve green shirt, green leggings, a green headband and yellow boot covers made from cloth or paper.

12. Lara Croft: While Lara Croft didn’t originate in comics, her Tomb Raider video game fame led to Hollywood movies and comic books. Bottom line: She’s still a freaking awesome superheroine, and her name carries just as much clout as the above DC/Marvel characters. Check out the awesome costume tutorial above.

12 Famous Hairstyles That Are Instant Halloween Costumes

1. Princess Leia: No one will mistake you for anyone but Princess Leia when you’re rocking these side buns. We’ve even got an easy tutorial to help you get this out-of-this-world look.

2. Janelle Monáe: The “Electric Lady” singer’s twisted updo is a signature of Janelle’s always put-together look (typically, along with black and white separates, punchy red lip and an infectious smile). Follow this tutorial to get a similar look.

3. Marge Simpson : Big, blue and beautiful! Perhaps no blue locks are more infamous then the gravity-defying hair of Marge Simpson. While it might be a bit difficult to achieve with your own hair, we’ve got the perfect wig to help you make this costume your own.

4. Dorothy Gale: Blue ribbons and Dutch pigtails are all that’s necessary to dress up as Kansas’s most famous former resident.

5. Rapunzel: It would take years of being locked away in a tower to compete with the length of Rapunzel’s blonde strands, so we’ll settle for a messy braid of our own. That said, if you’re feeling extra dedicated, you could always rock a longer ‘do with the help of a Rapunzel Wig.

6. Audrey Hepburn: A little volume and a LBD are all you need for an incredible Audrey Hepburn costume. You can stun everyone with Hepburn’s chic updo using this tutorial.

7. Sia: Achieving Sia’s hair on your own might take a lot of time and patience (not to mention obscured vision), so luckily You can stun everyone with this tutorial to copy her recognizable shaggy ‘do.

8. Morticia Addams: The famous Mrs. Addams is a great pick for a Halloween costume, and her sleek black ‘do plays an important role in that. Parting your hair down the center and straightening your locks (and perhaps hiding your bangs) will help you look like Morticia in no time.

9. Raggedy Ann: We never said hairstyles have to involve actual hair, per se. A touch of red yarn and your lovely self are all you need to dress up like America’s fave raggedy doll.

10. Marie Antoinette: No one brought the volume quite like Marie Antoinette, and if you rock this gravity-defying updo there’ll be no mistaking you as anyone but the former Queen of France.

11. Betty Boop: Short-haired gals will be able to pull off this costume with ease, but those with longer locks might want to stick with an adorable Betty Boop Wig ($17).

12. Rosie the Riveter: This costume is a classic for a reason — it’s so gosh darn easy to do! Throw a bandana over this cute updo that’s guaranteed to impress.

So, what comic book character will you be this Halloween?

P.S. Look here tomorrow - I will show you the best Halloween make-up turtorial you ever seen!

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